My name is JonnyName: Boone

AKA: The Boy

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 8 yrs young

Favorite Activities: Ball chasing, Stick dancing, Carrying huge logs, Swimming, Underwater rock diving & Walking and Running with his mama.

About Boone: Boone is an amazing guy. He is a purist and seeks the simpliest pleasures in life that bring him the greatest joy.  Boone is blessed with his mama as founder of this business so his days are action filled and never dull.  He was born in lake tahoe and spent the first two years of his life there. Oh what fun!!!

The boy has many hobbies and interests. I would say he is most passionate about the STICK. He lives for the stick! The bigger the better! Oh wait! You do not have to throw it. Boone will carry it, twirl it, dance with it, around it, tug it… Love it forever and stash it for the next walk. He is known on the trail for carrying tree trunks; prancing them around so proudly. He will hike several miles with the same stick.  In the event of no stick…Boone will take the ball, gladly. Be prepared with a chuck-it; this dog has endurance and is a super athlete.

Boone also enjoys the air kong. He loves to swim and retrieve just about anything in the water. In fact, if there happens to be a stranded ball or two, and a stick he will collect them all at once.  He loves underwater rock diving in lake tahoe. He Is known known for turning heads on the beach as his golden body dives completly under with eyes open in search of the thrown rock.

Boone loves backpacking and hiking. He has been all over California on numerous back country trips. He is a real pro. He carries his own pack with all his gear. He goes hard all day and sleeps like a baby in the tent with his mama. Oh yes, he has chased off bears from camp, too! He lives for the alpine lakes, mountain top views, and solace.  He has spent his entire life going everywhere with his mama; whether it’s a walk to the store, trail run after work, dinner party or a trip to the North East for a family reunion – Boone is going!

Boone is a wonderful boy! He is smart, brave, and the closest friend one could ask for. He loves his job at Jonny walker and all his pals he spends his days with.

And finally, he wanted me to mention he knows every trick in the book, enjoys very much playing with squeeky toys and stuffed animals and LOVES chasing squirrels!



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