cabo webName: Cabo

A.K.A.: Cabbie, Mr. Man

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 2

Home: Marina District, San Francisco

Favorite Activities: Gliding across the grass like a racehorse, Chasing the ball, Launching in the bay, Giving hugs and Hanging with his buddies.

About Cabo: Cabo is by far the most awesome looking Golden we have ever seen. His large head, beautiful coat, flowing feathers, big paws and captivating eyes make him a true sight to see. And he’s smooth too with his deep stare and big smile…he melts all the ladies hearts (including Jonny Walker :-) ) But he is pure Golden when it comes to the basics: ball, beach and water. He is the fastest to the ball in an almost effortless stride and can leap over the waves like he’s got springs in his paws. Cabo is truly one of a kind!