DjangoName: Django

A.K.A.: Jiggity Django, The Artist, Big Gorilla

Breed: English Labrador Retriever

Age: 4

Home: Cole Valley, San Francisco

Favorite Activities: Playing with sticks, balls & stuffed toys, Swimming laps, Sitting on the beach, Spinning in circles and Chasing his friends.

About Django: Django comes everyday to play. When he gets excited, he starts to run around chasing whatever buddy he sees or he gets so excited that he becomes “Jiggity Django” and just spins in circles – multiple revolutions at a time! Django is truly a free spirit. We refer to him as “The Artist” because we sometimes find him sitting on the beach by himself just contemplating the sea.  It’s no accident he’s named after a legendary Gypsy Jazz musician.  Django loves to go swimming, not necessarily for a ball or a stick but just to swim around in the cool bay and enjoy the water. Someday we’ll have to put a swim cap on him :-)