gusName: Gus

A.K.A.: “Gus Gus”

Breed: Pug

Age: 6

Home: Haight Ashbury, San Francisco

Favorite Activities: Walking with his friends, Marking his territory, Shaking with his favorite stuffed moose Maurice and Playing “Chase Gus”.

About Gus: Gus is the resident Pug of our group. It may be hard to imagine how a Pug can hang with these adventure minded canines, but Gus holds more than his own. He is the toughest dog in group, not just cause of his facial expression, but in the way he mixes it up with his big friends. Gus is in charge of claiming the territory for his Jonny Walker crew, so he sniffs out the “turf” and pees the perimeter to let the other packs know who was here first. His favorite pastime, however is playing chase. Gus is particular about when it’s time for chase, but when the game is on…IT IS ON.  So watch out Hatch and beware Django cause Gus is gonna get you!

All hail the quickest Pug this side of Crissy Field!