Name: Jade

A.K.A.: Darth Jader, Jade Monkey

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: 8

Home: Laurel Village, San Francisco

Favorite Activities: Smiling, Galloping after balls or her friends on the beach, Playing with her bast pal Cado, & Using “The Force” to get treats.

About Jade: Jade is an all day adventurer with Jonny Walker because she simply loves her group! She is know as Darth Jader because of her heavy breathing and low moan usually brought on by the threat of a treat. Jade may not be the fastest golden in the group but she certainly is one of the smartest. She strategically places herself ahead of her fellow ball chasers and waits for the release of the ball in her direction so she can have first snatch. She loves to celebrate by rolling on top of the ball and kicking her paws in the air in sweet celebration while the other dogs gather round and wait. Jade has the most beautiful Golden fur, long white feathers and frosty face which sparkle in the Crissy field sunshine. We swear that she is smiling when she runs to us (check out the Jonny Walker Video for proof)! A true veteran of the group, Jade is a pack leader and is very helpful with teaching the new pups in group. She is loyal, true and a ton of fun…Jade rules the school!