Name: Maya

MayaA.K.A.: Maya Roo, Noodle

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: 6

Home: Marina District, San Francisco

Favorite Activities: The Ball, The Beach, The Water…in that order. Riding in the van, Mixing it up with Rocky and Unwinding at home with a greenie.

About Maya: Maya was bred from a sporting line of labrador retrievers and we can verify this to be true.  Maya Roo lives and breathes the ball. She often refers to her all day adventures as “her work” and the beach “her office” as she comes ready to play hard everyday and takes each round of chuck-it very seriously. No living being could enjoy the sport of ball more than Maya Roo.  Her “business” is truly her passion but it’s not all hard work for Roo. When the play is over, she can’t wait to unwind with a bowl of kibble, a greenie and a nice long nap.



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