shilohName: Shiloh

A.K.A.: Shiloh Biloh

Breed: Beagle

Age: 3

Home: Presidio Heights, San Francisco

Favorite Activities: Chasing the ball, Running the beach with his team and Savoring a tasty treat after a big session.

About Shiloh: When you think of a Beagle, you don’t always think of a high energy, passionate ball chaser. But we’ve got one here…a Super Beagle named Shiloh! Perhaps it’s his Argentinian breeding or some special energy kibble…either way, Shiloh is a pioneer in his love for the Jonny Walker adventure. He takes his group outings very seriously and whether it’s on the Crissy field grass or down at the beach, Shiloh stands in there with all the Goldens and Labs and hustles and barks after every ball. He might be the only Beagle who goes in the water!

Not sure any dog loves the group more than Shiloh.