R&RI do not know what we’d do without Jonny and Jon. From the start, they have been nothing but reliable, caring, and hands down, the best dog walkers out there. Rocky and Ryeli consider them an extension of our family (probably ranked higher than their own Moms!). Best of all, J&J make sure the love is reciprocated by developing their own relationships with all of their pups. They even create little personalities for each one (complete with voices and attitudes!). I cannot emphasize how great it is to come home from work and know that my pups have been exercised and played with all day long. Jonny and Jon, you really are an incredible team!!  ~Bre (Rocky & Ryeli’s Mama)

maggie with ballSome months ago we discovered a way to making our dog even nicer.  We enrolled her — a 7 year old golden retriever, Maggie — in Jonny Walker’s “Adventure Lifestyle for Dogs.”  She participates three days a week, and she loves it.  For 1.5 to 2 hours, she is romping with other goldens at Crissy Field or in the Bay off of Crissy Field.  She is returned tired but happy.  Well exercised, professionally tended, and, all in all, mellower and nicer.  As I write this, Maggie is sitting in a small area between our front door and a wrought iron door that opens to the street. Not unlike Cargo Cult people, she awaits the return of Jonny or Jon. Even on the “off” days she scans the street for the arrival of the adventure wagon. What joy when it’s an “on” day!  As soon as she spots the vehicle, she starts squealing and singing her “well howdy, let’s go play” tune.  Truth is, I’m a bit jealous of the reception they earn. Happy Clients ~ Kim, Susan and Maggie.

JadeWords cannot describe how amazing Jonny and Jon are and how much Jade loves them!   Every morning she would sit at the top of the stairs with a toy in her mouth waiting for the door to open.   I have lived in many countries and had numerous dog walkers and nobody comes close to Jonny and Jon – they go above and beyond in every way and love every dog like their own.  There are always kissing and cuddles and a whole lot of love and special treatment any time any of their ‘babies’ have an injury or need some TLC on any particular day.  They truly do know each and every dog and understand each dog’s personality.  Jade always comes home happy and exhausted and watching her sleep with her tail wagging as she dreams lets me know that she is having a blast each and every day.  Rain or shine Jonny and Jon take her out to play and always dry her off and leave a happy, clean dog at home at the end of the day.   I could never have survived my pregnancy or the first few months of looking after my baby alone (my family are all in Scotland) if it were not for Jonny and Jon.    She loves them and if I were a billionaire I’d leave Jonny and Jon a fortune in my will – they are the most awesome, compassionate and genuine people I have ever known.  My son is allergic to Jade and this is breaking my heart… Jonny and Jon are fostering my angel for now.  I can never thank them enough for all that they do. ~Julie & Bill  (Jade’s Folks)

Maya RooJonny Walker is the best! My lab, Maya, has been such a happy pooch since we met Jonny. When I leave for work I have total confidence that Maya will be well-exercised, loved and have one heck of a good time. Jonny Walker goes well beyond the usual doggie care and you can really tell the strong connection both Jon and Jonlyn have with the dogs. Maya and I are really lucky to have them in our lives. ~Debra V. (Maya’s mom)


We have been with Jonny Walker for years and cannot imagine Nigel’s life without them. He has developed great socialization skills while still in a structured but fun environment. He always comes back happy and tired (and clean too!). The passion and love they have for dogs is the ultimate reassurance. ~Carol G.. (Nigel’s mama)


Jonny is the Dog Whispering Goddess of Crissy Field! She is fun, kind, responsible, enthusiastic, and a joy to be with. Lucky Django! On the days I walk Django at the beach he literally jumps for Joy when he sees her and then sits promptly at her command. And not only does Django wait by the door in the mornings she walks him, but so do my children. Everybody loves Jonny Walker!
~Claire (Django’s mom)


Every morning Shiloh cannot wag his tail fast enough or bark loud enough when Jonny Walker pulls in the driveway. He cannot wait for her to open the door he’s already scratching at! He loves her and enjoys every second of his daily walks. She is the best, sweet, friendly and caring!
~Carol (Shiloh’s mom)


There is no better dog walking service in the bay area. Jonny Walker Adventures is simply stellar! Jonny and Jon epitomize top notch customer/dog service, are empathetic and thoughtful with both us and our pups and most importantly take care of Rocky and Ryeli like no other team. Rocky and Ryeli are continually ecstatic for their day to begin and I’m ecstatic when I come home from work knowing they’ve had a full day of exercise and fun with their playmates. I absolutely recommend Jonny and Jon for any person who loves their dogs and only wants the best for them.
~Denise B.  (Ryeli and Rocky’s mom)


Jonny Walker goes above and beyond any expectations of a dog walking service– it is soo much more than that! The exercise and care is much more extensive than any other service – Bella comes home exhausted from her wonderful adventures, and always clean and happy! Jonlyn was my saving grace while pregnant with twins when I could not give Bella enough exercise, she always went above and beyond being a ‘dog walker’- she became someone I relied upon to love and care for Bella as if she were her own. Our dog Bella has grown to ADORE both Jonlyn and Jon soo much – as we all have. We don’t know what we do without them in our lives!
~Maja S. (Bella’s mom)